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Beach Access in Warrnambool

Consultation Closed: Tuesday, March 22, 2022 - 5:00 pm
What we consulted you about

Council is preparing a Beach Access Strategy.

The strategy will help us address the challenges and opportunities around the 33 beach access points that extend from Shelly Beach in the west to Logans Beach east of the Hopkins River.

It will help us strike a balance between maximising access to the beach and minimising the impact on the natural environment.

It will also help us plan the maintenance and renewal of access points.

We all know Warrnambool’s beaches play an important role for the community, providing spaces for a range of activities, recreation, tourism and events. 

They are places that are culturally significant to the Traditional Owners.

They provide important habitat for a wide range of local flora and fauna.

The beach access points maintained by Council range from fully constructed access ramps to informal paths. Two of these access points, one at Levys Beach and another at Spookys Beach, were included in the recently completed Wild Coast Landscape Master Plan. 

The remaining 33 beach access points, from Shelly Beach in the west to Logans Beach east of the Hopkins River, will be incorporated into the Warrnambool Beach Access Strategy.

The feedback from this survey will help inform the Strategy which will take into account factors including:

•    Accessibility
•    Usage
•    Public safety
•    Cultural heritage 
•    Environment, including flora and fauna habitat
•    Historic features 
•    Climate change impacts 
•    Condition of existing structures
•    Maintenance and renewal costs
•    Foreshore activities
•    Tourism

Council has prepared a background report to help set the scene and context.

There are also images and maps so you know which access point is which:

Shelly Beach to Worm Bay

Lady Bay West

Lady Bay East to Point Ritchie/Moyjil

Hopkins River to Logans Beach

Submissions close on March 22.