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Council Plan review and 2022-2023 Budget preparation

Consultation Closed: Friday, March 4, 2022 - 5:00 pm
What we consulted you about

In the year following an election Council is required to prepare, in consultation with the community, a four-year Council Plan.

In June last year, following an extensive community engagement process, Council adopted its 2021-2025 Council Plan.

Council reviews the plan annually to ensure it meets community expectations and remains on track to help deliver the goals described in the long-term community vision, Warrnambool 2040.

The review is essentially a fine-tuning of the plan, not an overhaul.

While reviewing the Council Plan, the community is also asked to become involved in the preparation of Council's annual Budget.

The Budget provides the allocation of resources needed to implement the Council Plan. For background, here's the current 2021-2022 Budget.

What we are asking

Council is now asking the community to submit any questions or requests they have in relation to the Council Plan and/or Budget. 

You can also make a general comment.

The questions and commentary will be reviewed by Council and will inform the new Budget and revision of the Council Plan.

In submitting your questions and comments, please address issues that are of significance to the community, rather than issues pertaining to your individual circumstances.

If you do have an issue that requires more urgent attention, please let us know by phone, email or online

To submit your questions and comment on the Council Plan and proposed 2022-2023 Budget, please complete the form below.