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Does Warrnambool need a Business Representative Group?

Consultation Closed: Wednesday, October 18, 2023 - 11:59 pm
What we consulted you about

Warrnambool City Council is seeking to gauge the local business community's interest in, and appetite for, the formation of a new Business Representative Group.
This follows a meeting facilitated by Council in June this year where 25 local business representatives from across industry sectors discussed the level of interest and support for a business representative body.
Collectively, these businesses indicated that a Business Representative Group could be beneficial and sustainable - provided it had a clear purpose and widespread support among our city's businesses.
As a next step,  Council is looking to the broader business community for further input on what businesses think about, want from and would be willing to contribute to a Business Representative Group if the concept was to be revisited.
Should such a group be formed, Council will commit to doing all it can to work with the group to deliver better local outcomes, however a truly independent group cannot be part of Council - it must be a group that is led and run by local businesses themselves.
In the event there is limited support from the wider business community for another business-led representative group, Council is interested in understanding why.
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