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Have your say on the Draft Albert Park Revegetation Plan

Consultation Closed: Tuesday, September 20, 2022 - 5:00 pm
What we consulted you about

The Draft Albert Park Revegetation Plan provides guidance on areas suitable for revegetation, taking into consideration all users of the park, and makes planting recommendations.

The Plan seeks to provide improved ecological outcomes for the park and maintain and enhance social and recreational outcomes for park users.

The draft Albert Park Revegetation Plan draws on existing strategies, frameworks and policies relating to revegetation and ‘greening’ of Warrnambool, a site analysis and discussion with stakeholders.

The Albert Park Precinct covers about 57ha of public land located a kilometre north-east of the Warrnambool city centre.

The Precinct includes Warrnambool College, Wannon Water facilities, Grieve Street Park, Warrnambool Community Gardens, Warrnambool Japanese Garden and the Albert Park Reserve.

Albert Park Reserve makes up about 41ha of the precinct and contains facilities for a range of sporting groups and clubs. Facilities within the Reserve include the RW Mack Oval, Reid Oval, Walter Oval, Warrnambool Hockey Fields, City Memorial Bowls Club and infrastructure for the Warrnambool Pony Club.

The Revegetation Plan draws on recommendations from the Albert Park Integrated Water Management Plan prepared in 2019.

The Integrated Water Management Plan identified a range of improvements for Albert Park, including increasing native vegetation within the park and possible future biodiversity link (biolink) between the park and Russells Creek.

The benefits of increasing native vegetation with the park include:

  • increased cooling;
  • mitigation of the urban heat island effect;
  • improved amenity;
  • improved air quality;
  • provision of refuge for wildlife to move safely within an urban environment;
  • creation of wildlife habitat, and,
  • intercepted stormwater run-off.

The Integrated Water Management Plan plan highlighted increasing vegetation in the following areas:

  • East of Mack Oval.
  • At the corner of Grafton Road and Cramer Street, as Warrnambool College has expressed interest in increasing vegetation in this area.
  • The middle of Albert Park, creating a link from the existing established vegetation and the native kangaroo grass closer to Russells Creek.


Council is interested in hearing from the community about the Draft Albert Park Revegetation Plan.

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Written submissions can he posted to:

Sustainability Team

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Submissions close 5pm, September 20, 2022.