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Have your say on the Draft Warrnambool Economic Development Strategy

Consultation Closed: Friday, September 1, 2023 - 5:00 pm
What we consulted you about

*Note - Council has extended the consultation period from August 22 to September 1, 2023.


The Draft Economic Development Strategy 2023-2028 is designed to guide economic growth priorities and actions for Warrnambool City Council over the next five years.

The draft strategy has been informed by independent research and after consultation with industry representatives, residents, local businesses, Council and other government stakeholders.

The draft strategy has identified four key themes: 

1: Planning for Sustainable Regional City Growth
Achieve growth through strategic investments and land use planning that enhances Warrnambool’s role as the regional hub for business activity, employment and tourism.

2: A Collaborative, Productive and Diverse Industry
Develop a resilient and sustainable business community that supports growth in existing industry specialisations and encourages diversity in business investment

3: Workforce Attraction and Skills Development
Attract a skilled and engaged workforce that contributes to service provision, business activity and a productive economy.

4: A Successful and High-Value Visitor Economy
Drive visitor growth through destination awareness and support a high‑yielding visitor base through high-quality products and experiences.

The strategy replaces the Economic Development Strategy covering 2015-2020 which was subsequently augmented with a COVID Business Support Plan.

You can read the Draft Economic Development Strategy and provide feedback to ecodev@warrnambool.vic.gov.au