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Have your say on the Fair Access and Use Policy

Consultation Closed: Sunday, June 9, 2024 - 5:00 pm
What we consulted you about

Council is exploring ways to improve opportunities for women, girls and other underrepresented groups to participate in community sport and recreation.

Currently, women and girls across Victoria do not have equal access to community sport and recreation opportunities.

Council is seeking to address access and use of sporting facilities through its draft Fair Access & Use Policy and action plan as part of the Victorian Government's Fair Access Policy Roadmap .

All councils in Victoria must create a Fair Access Policy to ensure sporting infrastructure and environments are genuinely welcoming, safe and inclusive with women and girls having equitable access to, and use of, sporting infrastructure.

Council is now seeking feedback on its Draft Policy and action plan which applies to the use of community sporting infrastructure.

Warrnambool City Council's Fair Access and Use Policy aims to:

•    Progressively build capacity and capabilities in the identification and elimination of systemic causes of gender inequality in policy, programs, communications and delivery of services in relation to community sports infrastructure.

•    Ensure an effective place-based response for the gender equitable use and access of community sports infrastructure.

•    Promote gender equality in policies, programs, communications and services as they relate to community sports infrastructure.

You can read the Draft Fair Access and Use Policy and the accompanying Draft Fair Access and Use Action Plan and have your say below.